safetyGraphic“Safety does not occur by chance. It is our commitment to provide our employees with the safest work environment possible.”

Our safety program has been developed to assure compliance with Federal, State, and Local regulations with particular emphasis on OSHA standards that apply to our construction operations.
Regard for the safety of the general public and our own employees is the #1 priority of Miller Construction Company. We have made a commitment to eliminate all accidents and injuries, and believe that all accidents are preventable.

A commitment is more than just a statement of intentions, and it is not just a promise to take something seriously. We pledge to take a course of action. We feel that our safe and efficient construction sites are a sign that employees and management share that same commitment.

  • Ameren 2010 Annual Contractor Safety Forum Award
  • Zero LWA – Eagle Safety Award

2015 / 2016 Experience Modification Rating (EMR):  0.71

2014 / 2015 Experience Modification Rating (EMR):  0.75

2013 / 2014 Experience Modification Rating (EMR):  0.81

1.00 EMR is the average for our specific industry